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Streaks? Reasons!

21 september 2020, 00:08
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ЗАТЕКИ? Причины!

The most frequent request from the masters: "with a manicure I seem to be doing well, but as soon as I start to cover the gel Polish, it becomes numb, and comes out dirty." The key word here is "LIKE", even if you didn't say it. Let's analyze the problem together with the instructor Tatyana Svoboda.
Look closely at the photo...⁣
This is the MACRO!⁣
It conveys little things that our eyes don't catch. The left side is clean and open. Here the gel Polish will fit perfectly. The right side is closed, then gluing the lateral nail folds. No matter how hard you try, the gel Polish will go numb. The thinner the material, the more numb it is, and the master's nerves are getting weaker... You will never have a clean finish without a perfect manicure.
What other causes of congestion are:⁣

  • Dust. When the master incorrectly degreases the nails after a manicure or sends them to wash their hands, the dust is poured along with moisture under the cuticle and cemented.
  • Vision. If you have poor vision, you can't cover where you can't see. It is impossible to clean up what you can't see.
  • Tremor or poor motor skills. Sudden movements, inaccuracy of small manipulations cut the brush into the skin. There are special tricks, division of paint zones, etc.⁣
  • Incorrect grip and tension of the client's skin during the coating process.⁣
  • Too thin material.⁣

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