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5 errors in the work of the masters!

20 september 2020, 23:31
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ТОП 5 ошибок у мастеров!


Round square is a hit)) The form should be clear and understandable. The length of the index, middle and ring fingers is the same. ⠀


Somewhere clean, somewhere triturated. Most often I see dirty sinuses, sinuses and fringes on the rollers. ⠀


The volume of material is too large and its distribution is incorrect. Nails should be thin at the ends and side walls. ⠀


Coverage is the least of the problems. However, pastels often make themselves felt. Bald spots are the master's pain. Tip: use a camouflage base and apply the color with smooth sliding movements. ⠀


Yes, a photo of your work is also an important stage. The client chooses you from the picture. I often see good works with terrible photos.

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