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The hyponychium. What is it?

19 september 2020, 01:07
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Гипонихий. Что это такое?

The hyponychium!
What is it? Where did it come from? What is it for?
And what do we need to know about it?

In simple words, sometimes a very sensitive skin - hyponychium-grows from under the nail from the distal (lower) roller. It does not grow at all and not always.

What is it?
Hyponychium is an extension of the nail bed. The skin tissue on which the nail plate firmly lies and grows. Hyponychium is a living tissue that the nerve endings fit to, which is why it is so sensitive.

Why and for what?
As a rule, the growth of hiponia is a protective reaction of the organism. When the overgrown length of the nail increases, any mechanical action increases the load on the free edge. Accordingly, there is a risk of breakdowns and cracks in the stress zone of the nail plate. And the longer the free edge, the higher the load on it. And then our smart body comes to the rescue, it begins to build up, lengthen the nail bed, so that the difference in the ratio and distribution of this load is minimal.
If the client wears a long nail length for quite a long time, the hyponychium begins to grow smoothly from the thin skin under the nail to the continuation of the distal roller. But if the client wants to remove the length and walk with short ones, then you will not be able to file the nail "to zero". The maximum we can cut down the free edge to the beginning of hiponia. You'll have to accept that. And just at home every 3-4 days to file the length yourself. The hyponychium will gradually recede back, as there will be no need for its protective function.

But some of the hyponychium from nature consistently present. Therefore, we distinguish several types of nails with different lengths of the nail bed. It often happens that even on one hand, the length of the bed on different nails differs. As a rule, it will be shorter on working fingers, since in life they have the greatest load and the hyponychium will not have time to" crawl " for the growth of the nail.

As much as I would not like, but you can not cut, file, and even more so PICK the hyponychium. Otherwise, it can lead to not the most pleasant consequences, namely onycholysis (Yes, this is one of the many reasons for its appearance).

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