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The master is allergic. What you need to know?

18 september 2020, 00:19
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Аллергия у мастера. Что нужно знать?

What provokes an Allergy in a manicurist?

One of the reasons the nail dust.
It can cause red spots on the face, rashes, itching, dry skin, nasal congestion, watery eyes, and sneezing.

In order to protect themselves:

  • Work in a protective mask and glasses when removing material and opile.
  • We use a vacuum cleaner when we do removal, sawdust, manicure.
  • We put on a disposable mask and change it every 2 hours. The mask should cover the nose, not just the mouth))
  • We put on the master's medical uniform made of water-repellent fabric that covers the decollete and the skin of the hands.
  • We ventilate the room constantly.

Disinfectants can cause itching, flaking of the skin, redness, rashes, and other allergic reactions.

Use nitrile gloves with a hypoallergenic coating. We never get tools out of DEZ.solution without gloves. Cleaning the office should also be gloved.

The gel varnishes, bases, degreasers, etc.

The most dangerous for the skin is the sticky layer. You don't need to touch it with your bare hands. All bottles should always be closed, as chemical vapors occur and there may be a cumulative Allergy.

Take care of your health and immunity!

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