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LEUCONYCHIA - white spots on the nail. Whether or not to panic?

15 september 2020, 00:19
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ЛЕЙКОНИХИЯ - белые пятна на ногте. Стоит ли паниковать?

White spot, spots or even stripes formed on the nail are called LEUCONYCHIA.
It is worth noting that this is just a medical term describing the spot itself. This is not a diagnosis, not the disease itself. This is a consequence of any pathological changes in the plate.

Leuconychia can manifest in different ways:

  • Total-a violation in which the entire nail becomes white.
  • Partial - has three types:

1. Dot (white dots, spots)
2. Longitudinal (line through the entire length of the nail)
3. Banded (one or more parallel lines)

  • It may be imaginary (damage to the nail bed. When pressed, it changes color, does not grow together) and true (damage to the nail. The spot moves as the plate grows)

LEUKONYCHIA can occur in anyone, regardless of age or gender.
But the REASONS may be completely different:

  • Heavy metal poisoning and taking certain medications to treat bacterial infections, chemotherapy. It appears more often in the form of stripes.
  • Systemic disease.
  • Cirrhosis of the liver, kidney disease, heart failure, diabetes. Zinc deficiency, iron deficiency anemia, psoriasis, eczema.
  • Mechanical damage.
  • Injuries (pinned down by a door, dropped something on your finger, touching the sprout area) or systematic blows, such as the habit of tapping your nails on the table (and I have a blackboard).
  • In children (active fidgets) and "rodents".
  • On your feet from uncomfortable and narrow shoes.
  • From inadequate manicure! And systematic use of acidic materials!

Yes, friends, we can also provoke the appearance of leukonychia. They then appear as separate local spots.

The spots themselves are not dangerous and do not require treatment. Caused by injuries, they will gradually heal as the nail grows.
In other cases, the doctor determines the cause of the symptom (tests) and treats the underlying disease.

Why a white spot?
These are just microscopic air bubbles between the layers of the nail due to the loss of connections between the cells. This is not a pigment, but an illusion of a pigment.

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