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Every master should know this!

14 september 2020, 01:28
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Это должен знать каждый мастер!

Let's look at some sos situations that we hope you will not encounter either at home or with your clients!
But it is important and necessary to know this, so we read it!

  • White spots on the nails — leukonychia

Common causes of white nails on the hands are poor-quality manicure, performing manicure with means that have an aggressive effect on the nail plate; removing varnish with poor-quality means. Remember that violation of the manicure technique by the master is traumatic!

  • Flaking nails - why?

A minute's excursion into "anatomy": the nail plate is keratinized tissue, keratin plates. The density of the nail plate depends on keratin, and the elasticity of the nail depends on the saturation of cells with moisture. Also, the nails contain trace elements (zinc, chromium, calcium, iron, and so on).
So, the use of varnishes with formaldehyde and aggressive funds with acetone nail Polish remover, improper removal of artificial nails are the external factors that lead to "unhealthy" changes.

  • In addition, there are psychological reasons why the condition of marigolds will not do the best.
  • Onychotillomania is a pathology in which a person tends to break, break, or somehow destroy their own nails.
  • Onychophagia — a person bites their nails without controlling this process.

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