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How do I save my manicure?

13 september 2020, 01:36
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Как сохранить покрытие, избежать сколов и отслоек?

Beautiful manicure is the work of not only the master, but also the client.

To your nails were always in perfect condition, it is sufficient to follow a few rules:

  • within 24-36 hours after the manicure should be completely avoided sudden changes in temperature (cooling/heating):

- wear gloves, coming from a warm room into cold air;
- do not keep your hands in hot water or over steam;
- it is advisable not to visit solariums, baths and saunas.

  • during home cleaning, wear gloves, otherwise the coating will be scratched, and the Shine will go away
  • it is strictly forbidden to expose the coating to chemical effects of acids, alkalis, acetone and household solvents
  • it is advisable to avoid direct mechanical impact on the nails as much as possible, do not open cans and lids with your nails, and be careful when handling keys and other metal objects
  • don't push buttons with your nails! In the toilet, in the Elevator, on calls, etc. it is Better to use a bent finger or a finger pad if the nails are short
  • it is not recommended to file your nails yourself, except when the nail is broken or very close to correction, and they are very annoying
  • in the case of material detachments, it is necessary to reduce the time of wearing and come to the correction earlier, because detachments are fraught not only with loss of coverage — in the voids under the gel/base, a warm, humid environment is formed, in which bacteria and even fungi instantly begin to multiply. Take care of your health!

Before a manicure session, you can NOT:

  • use creams and oils for hands and nails, make any baths and visit the baths/pools at least a day before the session;
  • to remove the previous coating;
  • do a manicure at home (remove the cuticle by any means);
  • wet your hands two hours before the start.

Follow these simple rules and your hands will always be beautiful!

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