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STOP strengthening your nails!

12 september 2020, 03:24
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ХВАТИТ укреплять ногти!

How many times I come across information from clients, and it is logical that they are given it by the masters, that "little was done", the nail is not strengthened. Here is the previous master to me in more overlap and all the well-worn"

"You strengthen the base?"

"Thicker base layer will not break nails"

That kind of nonsense??? Who told you that the base can be applied thickly? Who told you that base to strengthen?

The base is used for the interlayer and coupling of natural nails with a colored coating. The base alignment should not exceed 1-1. 2 mm in thickness and it serves to create a perfectly smooth surface on a natural nail (there are exceptions).

Perfect highlight, says smooth surface, but does not mean that all types of plates need to "pile up" on base more, that would be the highlight were exclusively oval and narrow. The perfect glare has other forms, if anything. It all depends on the shape of the nail plate of the client.

Strengthening-it is made with solid materials. Base-solid material? No! But there are hard bases, aren't they hard material? NO!

Rigid material: gel, acrylic, acrygel. These materials are used to strengthen clients ' nails. If you break socialnet, suggest strengthening the client solid material, and do not pour it on tons of base, "Schaub stood!"

Clients do not know, although many masters do, all these nuances. Many people do not understand why they have chips, why the base master did not put enough, why the square breaks off, and so on. Because the masters themselves do not know what to do, but they do not want to learn, and logic comes into play, which leads to the conclusion that the more material - the stronger the nail. Alas, this is not the case.

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