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Perfect nail file, what is it?

08 september 2020, 23:24
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Идеальная пилка - КАКАЯ она?

Perfect nail file, what is it?

  • Shall not be less than 12 cm! Otherwise, when filing, you make very short movements, which complicates the process of giving the nails an ideal shape.
  • On a hard or foamed (soft) base? A hard nail file is preferable to make sawdust on the sides.
  • What number should I choose on the file and what does it mean?

This value is called "Grit" - the grain size of the abrasive material. In other words, it is simply a number that determines the stiffness of the nail file. The larger the grain, the coarser the file will be. This implies that 80 grit is very coarse nail file, and 320 very soft!

It is important to understand the main boundaries:

  • 80-150 grit will be a great helper for working with artificial nails
  • 180-240 grit is useful for working with natural nails, without the risk of damage
  • 320-400 grit grinder or bafik, it can be sanded nail plate before coating
  • Above 400 are polishers that can Polish the plate to Shine

Nail file-an important tool in Your hands! With it, you give your work the perfect shape that will either decorate your work or make it "not very".

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