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08 september 2020, 01:13
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Что такое ГЕЛЬ-ЛАК?

Most of his time nail specialist dealing with gel-lacquers - nail, mixing colours for a new hue, design and stuff like that))

But I think if you like manicure, what are mixed in this bottle? After all, a lot depends on the composition!

The composition of the gel Polish includes:

  • photoinitiator
  • film forming machine
  • pigment
  • supplements

The film-forming agent (about 90%)- the Foundation without which the gel Polish has worn off with ends like any regular nail Polish! When exposed to UV forms a dense film, without collapsing from external influences.

Photoinitiator (up to 3%) - a substance that triggers the polymerization process, in other words, the formation of a film. Therefore, the faster the gel Polish polymerizes in the lamp, the more photoinitiator it contains.

Thinner to support the desired consistency of the varnish. The quality and quantity of diluents depends on how much the manicure will be wearable, and how it will be removed in the future.

Pigments - paints material. The density of the coating depends on their number.

And finally, additives - the substances that give the extra - cover stabilizers, thermal coatings, frosted tops, cat's-eye effect))

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