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Causes of detachment

06 august 2020, 01:51
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Причины отслоек

What is detachment?

Detachment is the air space between the nail and the artificial material.

Рeeling of the coat

The reasons they may be different. This may be the fault of both the client and master, and can also affect the anatomy of your nails.
And then anatomy? If you have arched nails, then when regrowth nogotochki can just start to curl under the material. Hence there is the air education. This is an example, and these different situations a lot
What you could do, that there detachment?
▪ this peremeshivaete material more than 4 weeks. The more go with the material, the more you wear out their nails.
▪ this if you are working in a variety of colors (brow, stylists, chefs, artists etc), so be sure to work with gloves on.
▪ I tear off the nails all that is possible and no.. you can'T DO that!
▪ I actively do sports.

In all the above cases we should warn the wizard that he has reinforced your nails.
And of course, hand hygiene. Yes, it happens sometimes. The accumulation of dirt under the nails, on them and the skin is not only a breeding ground for bacteria, but the environment for them to multiply. All this leads to detachment. No wonder they say that the holiday season will be felt and will need correction. But in addition to the summer season do not forget that the dirt around us all year round and it tends to accumulate on the hands if they are not carefully to wash.

Other reasons:
▪ This use of the cream to a manicure.
▪ This nedochischennye pterygium (depends on master).
▪ I wet nails (hyperhidrosis).
▪ I filed the nails (strip material with the top layer of the nail (dorsally), if perepelov from him nothing remains, and a good hitch will not.
▪ This is splitting nails.
▪ This strikes the free edge.
▪ This is a frequent finding in the water.
▪ It's amazing some of the disease, serious changes hormonelogo background.

This is only part of the reason. Be sure to care for your nails.

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