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Are your decals beautifully packed?

22 july 2020, 20:18
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А ваши слайдеры в красивой упаковке?

Each decal is individually wrapped.

We use the package to protect the decal film from damage during shipping and storage. This is its main and only function.

Слайдер-дизайн Premium Nails

Is it possible to make the packing beautiful, for example, a large paper envelope with a striking design or a cool cardboard box with cutouts for the decals themselves? Of course, it's possible. But in this case, the decal price will be higher by the cost of beautiful packaging.

Слайдер-дизайны Premium Nails

Why pay more while you throw out even the most stylish packaging? We try to do everything possible so you could buy the best quality decals at an affordable price!

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