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Nail compression. How and for what?

22 september 2020, 22:34
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Поджатие ногтей. Как и для чего?

  • Why do I need to press it?

For proper architecture and good wearability.
By pressing the material, the cross arch turns from flat to rounded. In this case, the thickness of the material is hidden in the inner plane of the arch. This allows you to reduce surface sawdust and provide a reliable thickness of the side walls, while maintaining the harmony of the Parallels.

  • How to squeeze?

Reverse tweezers. For example, from the irisk brand. Perfect for beginners in compression.
Narrow pliers. Like pliers, but with thin spouts. I have from Nayada. You can also find them in construction stores or stores for creativity and needlework.
But it is important to know how to squeeze, so as not to harm the health of the nail.

  • How to preload?

Do not rise above the growth points!!!
We press the free edge, not the nail bed!
Errors can result in anisolepis!

  • When to preload?

Depends on the brand of gel or gel and the power of your lamp. On average, this is 12-15 ( ± ) seconds per led.
Before working, be sure to test the preload time. Dry in the lamp for a few seconds, periodically pull out and check, poking (funny word) with an orange stick. As soon as the material grabs to the first hardness - this is the time of its preload.
(The polygel / gel should become hard, but remain plastic!)

  • After putting on a clothespin. Also below the growth points. And we send it to the lamp for full polymerization.

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