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Errors in the work of the frieze ball

11 september 2020, 02:58
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Ошибки в работе фризой

Read to learn about the most common mistakes in the application and avoid failures!

Error 1. Partial opening of the cuticle.

Remember about the first step-raising and opening the cuticle! If the angle of elevation of the cuticle is less than 90 °, it is almost guaranteed that you will not be able to remove it completely with a ball. The result is that the manicure will last not 2 weeks, as expected, but 2-3 days, and then the build-up will begin again.

Error 2. Incorrect grip of your finger when handling the cutter.

It is necessary to keep your finger on top, working through the right part of the nail, and grab the bottom when moving to the left part.

Error 3. Incorrect technique sciene cuticle ball.

Working with a ball mill should take place in two stages. First, turn out the cuticle ball, that is, easily pass under it with the nozzle so that it rises at an angle of 90 °. And only after that we begin to clean the skin with a ball. It will be removed easily and accurately.

Error 4. Improper selection of the density of abrasive material for ball mill.

The soft-coated ball is quickly clogged, and by the fifth nail it will have to be replaced with a new one.

Error 5️. The speed of the cutter is too high or too low.

Speed at 5000 rpm, and then vary according to your feelings, your own or the client's. If the cutter slips, add speed, but if you feel a burning sensation, it is better to slow down a little.

What is the execution order of the stages?
Lifting and opening the cuticle with a ball with high abrasiveness (blue notch) > Cleaning the side sinuses and the area under the cuticle with bullet and ball attachments > Cleaning the raised cuticle with a ball > Polishing the cut with a polisher

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