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How to use 3D stickers

29 april 2020, 22:31
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Как успешно носить ЗD слайдер?

To use 3D-stickers effectively, you have to follow simple rules. Way of using depends on the type of sticky surface. Before you apply 3D sticker on the nail polish, you need to attach it to the wet cotton pad, then gently move the sticker off the substrate.

There are some differences with working on small elements covering the entire nail plate. For example, large patterns caught on the end can often be removed from the top surface. In this article you’ll learn the how to avoid unwanted damage.

Apply a sticker to a certain area correctly

- Apply the basecoat on the nail plate in a thin layer, then use the nail polish as a substrate in one or two layers. Dry your nails in the lamp

- Apply a thin layer of the basecoat over the entire nail and apply the sticker on it. Align it with a silicone brush if it necessary

- Dry your nails in the lamp during 30 sec

- Then apply the thin layer of the base coat and at the end of the job apply the top coat to finish manicure.

With these simple rules the 3D sticker will stay on the nail for a long time and won’t come off.

How to prevent detachment 3D sticker

- Attach slider to the nail immediately after base coat application.

- Apply a sufficient top coat layer.


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