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Use our useful tips with our 3D stickers

09 march 2020, 04:01
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Nail stickers is the flexible and ultrathin film with drawing. Paper-based. In contact with water, the film is detached from the base and easily applied to the nail plate. One of the great things about nail stickers is that you can achieve intricate and artful details on your nails without paying a nail artist a lot of money to create them.

It’s better to use a light colored base coat as a nail sticker substrate. Pick up a design for your nails
1.     Cut the design element by nail shape
2.    Holding the edges, put it to the bowl with warm water for 10-15 sec

3.     Remove the sticker from the substrate and transfer it to the nail
Align the sticker on the nail plate (by a wetted Q-tip) and remove the water residue
5.     Remove extra part of sticker by a file or brush wetted by nail polish remover
Apply colorless coat on the nail plat
7.     You can remove sticker by nail polish remover


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