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How to choose the nail shape?

08 september 2020, 01:33
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Beautiful and high quality manicure depends largely on the properly selected shape of nails, which gives your fingers elegance and an aristocratic touch.

1. Almond shape
Almond shape nail looks very feminine and visually lengthens and makes your fingers thin and delicate.

2. Form almonds spicy or just spicy
Periodically, this form is at the peak of popularity. But owners of natural nails will not be quite comfortable because of the rather sharp tip of the free edge.

3. Square shape
It is ideal for medium to long nails with a narrow and long natural plate. A significant disadvantage is that if the nails are physiologically twisted, the shape may not look neat.

4. Rounded shape
The rounded shape is the most versatile and fits absolutely everyone. On such nails, any color of nail Polish will look good. French manicure will give your nails sophistication, and red-chic. By giving this shape to the nails, you can grow nails of a decent length, even for owners of weak nails.

5. Form soft square
If the client likes square nails, but it is tied to the usual round ones – this form is for them. You can arrange the nails with a square and a nail file to slightly round the edges. This will help avoid chipping at the corners of the nail plate.

6. Oval
The oval shape is considered classic. A big plus of the oval is that the nails are less susceptible to damage and at the same time look beautiful and feminine.

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