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Water decals vs Stickers

24 july 2020, 00:55
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While searching for ready-made designs for manicure masters are often faced with such items as water decals and stickers. Outwardly, they seem almost the same, but still differ in many ways.

Water decal

1. Thickness

Our water decals are printed on the 2 microns thick film. This is the thinnest film that is used on the market to print decals. How much is 2 microns? 2 microns is equal to 0.002 mm.
The film thickness for stickers is 50 microns. This film is tighter and not so flexible, it stretches less than the decal film.

2. The method of nail application

The water decal should be cut around the pattern, then put it on a wet cloth for a few seconds. Then gently slide the decal onto the nail. It is possible to correct or just to stretch the decal so that the picture looks nice on the nail.
Stickers has ready-made forms for each picture, they come off like classic stickers and can be directly sticked onto the nail. But due to the thickness of the film of the stickers, they cannot be stretched.

3. The final coating

Due to the different thickness water decals and stickers need a different amount of top coat for leveling the surface of the nail. The thinner the sticker, the easier to align. In order for the sticker not sticking out of the nail, it is necessary to apply several layers of top coat, which affects the coating thickness. To align the decal you need quite a bit top coat to cover it.

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